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Longyin Valley--A treature of nature
The Three Gorges Longyin Valley Ecotourism Area(TGLVEA) is located in Hualinsi Town, Yuan’an County, with a planned total area of 10 square kilometers. The scenic spot mainly includes four major sections: "Longtan river nourishment, Ma'anshan food nourishment, Hehuaping medicinal nourishment, and Cuckoo Bird Research ". Based on unique natural ecological resources and inspired by Laozi's profound Taoist philosophy,TGLVEA consists of sightseeing, leisure and health care. , vacation, research and other functions . The Three Gorges Longyin Valley Eco-tourism Scenic Spot is close to the G59 Hubei Expressway. It is connected to Yuan’an County and Dangyang City through provincial highways 224 and 250.With convenient transportation available, it is easy to get to the Three Gorges Airport, Yichang East Station, Yichang Port, or Dangyang railway station in an hour. Since its opening in July 2018, TGLVEA has received guests from all over the world . It has received more than 800,000 tourists and achieved a comprehensive tourism income of more than 90 million yuan . In January 2022, it was awarded the national 4A scenic spot.
natural beauty
The Three Gorges Longyin Valley Ecotourism Area has beautiful and unique scenery. The clear waters of the Longtan River are slightly turbulent, the Taiqing Cave is marvellous, the forests and seas of Ma'anshan are gorgeous, and the golden ginkgo leaves are pretty in Hehuaping. The one-million-year-old Taiqing karst cave is a highlight, it is 2,800 meters deep, 90 meters high and 260 meters wide, and covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters. It is said that Lao Tzu
Three Gorges Longyin Valley Official Tour Route
The scenic tourist special road is connected with Hubei Provincial Highway 224, adjacent to the entrance and exit of Hubei Expressway Yuan'an Station 200 meters, and it is connected with the Baili Barren alpine grassland style tourist area.
A  line
From Yichang City: Yichang City - Development Avenue - Hanyi Expressway (G50) get on Wujing Expressway (G42) to Jingmen- at Xiaoting Interchange - get on Hubei Expressway ...
B  line
From Wuhan Jingmen: - Wujing Expressway (G42) - turn to Hubei Expressway (G59) towards Yuan'an Shiyan at Shuanglian Interchange - get off at Yuan'an, Hualin...
C  line
From Jingzhou : Hanyi Expressway (G50) - turn to Hubei Expressway (G59) to Yuanan Shiyan direction - get off at Yuan'an, Hualin Temple, turn right ...
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From Xiangyang and Jingmen: Jingyi Expressway (G42) - transfer to Yibao Expressway (G59) - get off at Yuan'an, Hualin Temple, turn right and go straight for 200 meters ...
E  line
From Enshi, Chongqing : Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway - cross the Yangtze River Highway Bridge and turn to Hubei Expressway (G59) -get off at Yuan'an, Hualin ...
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From Dangyang: Provincial Highway 224---Yuan'an, Hualin Temple---Entrance of Longtan River Bridge Scenic Spot ...
Introduction to Cuckoo Research Travel Base (Camp)
Cuckoo Research Travel Camp is located in Papaya Village, Hualinsi Town, Yuan’an County, Hubei Province. It adheres to the educational philosophy of "reading ten thousand volumes of books and traveling ten thousand miles", inherits and develops humanistic spirit, and allows students to expand horizon in off-campus education and other areas, enriches knowledge, deepens a sense of closeness to nature and culture, and meanwhile increases students’ experience of collective lifestyles and social public morals.
The planning and construction started in 2017, with 60 million yuan invested in the programme. The location of the camp is obvious, and the transportation is extremely convenient. It is within 200 kilometers from large and medium cities such as Wuhan, Xiangyang, Jingmen, and Jingzhou.
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